February 4th, 2009

Preparatory to the Moving of Furniture

Our friends samwinolj and Bonnie are coming over tomorrow night to help us move some of the furniture that needs to be moved around in the wake of the acquisition of the new furniture for Katie and Julie. Of course, it's easier to move things when you can see what you're doing and the ceiling light in Katie's room hasn't worked since someone ripped the chain out of it. As it happened, the replacement part arrived today, so I spent some time rewiring the fixture and we now have significant light in the room again.

One of the pieces of furniture that is currently lacking a home is the three foot wide paperback bookcase that had been in the former guest bedroom and is now blocking the closet door in the present Katie's bedroom. It turns out it can't go in the new guest bedroom because of an inconveniently placed heating vent. And since we want to build a second identical bookcase to hold the rest of the paperbacks, what we really need is a six foot wide expanse of wall that isn't being used for something else.

(I hear the sound of hysterical laughter from those who've seen our house.)

A bit of measurement later, I determined that I could take the rack for the pool cues down in the basement and free up a bit of wall just wider than six feet. So I've done that and the bookcase can go to the basement tomorrow. We still need to figure out exactly where to put the rack, but that's a solvable problem. All we need are a couple of studs. And some blank wall. :)