March 16th, 2009

Catching Up on Photos of the Girls

We've been running behind on our picture taking. daisy_knotwise misplaced her small camera and Katie managed to get fingerprints on the lens of my big camera which I haven't had time to clean off yet. But the small camera I've been looking to buy showed up on sale this weekend, so I've now picked one up and installed a 16 GB memory card -- good for about 7000 pictures!

I guess I should take some.
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Gas, Mr. Rico!

Over the weekend, jeff_duntemann mentioned that he thought he smelled gas down at the back edge of the yard. I had thought it might be due to the storm drains back there, but when I wandered back there with Katie this afternoon after work and smelled gas, I checked the drains and they didn't seem to be the source.

So I called the gas company and they sent a man out. His sniffer shows that there's definitely gas back there -- the trick is going to be figuring out where it's coming from.

But at least it's outdoors and well away from the house.