March 23rd, 2009


After one of our friends mentioned that Aardman Animations had a series of stop-motion animated stories about "Shaun the Sheep", I went hunting on the web and then on TV Guide On Screen to discover that the Disney Channel is showing these a couple of times a day as bumpers. So I set up the DVR to start recording them.

Katie loves them. Katie loves them a whole lot. When one finishes, she smiles, looks up, and says "Again!" Perhaps we should work on "Again, please!"

daisy_knotwise has observed that the big problem with these is that each one is about five minutes long. A recorded Tigger & Pooh is 25 minutes long, which is long enough for her to take a shower. Shaun the Sheep would require a level of precision bathing that the Gilbreth family would be proud of.

The really bad thing is that the title theme is catchy. Annoyingly catchy. And it gets into your head. And it won't get out. (I'd link to it, but the links don't appear to work in the U.S.)

Yes, not so much an earworm. More of an earsheep.