March 24th, 2009

Chaos and Confusion in the Household

Apparently, daisy_knotwise had had a rough day overall with the girls yesterday. When I got home, things were pretty calm. But after dinner, when I went out to pick up discount hot fudge sundaes at Culver's, things got a bit entertaining again. By the time that I got back, Katie and Julie had both arrived in the bathroom which Gretchen desperately wanted to use. And Katie arrived with a fine case of poopy hands which is usually diagnostic of more trouble somewhere in the house.
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Pooh Stick

When daisy_knotwise was out earlier with the girls, she went to Party City looking for some supplies. While there, she bought two Mylar balloons, one for Katie, and one for Julie. (Katie's has Pooh on it. This is not a surprise. And actually, so does Julie's.)

Having been carefully warned not to take the balloons into the living room with the vaulted ceiling, Katie carefully ignored this warning and -- well, there were the balloons, bobbing around on the very high ceiling. I could almost reach the ribbons. At least, for certain values of almost, but none that wouldn't require a ladder of moderate height.

Or perhaps the extensible pole for changing light bulbs...

Extending the pole to maximum length, I proceeded to use my very long stick to bat the balloons over to the balcony where Gretchen could retrieve them.

The balloons are now in Katie's room. The ceiling's much lower there.

Gretchen is tying a weight to the end of the ribbons anyway. :)