March 26th, 2009

Rolling the Dice

I have a small cache of stock options that I got when Company B acquired Company A. When Company C acquired Company B, they got converted into Company C options.

The clock is now running out on those options. With perfect knowledge, I would have decided to cash them in before the market crash. Having failed my precog roll, I didn't manage that. The good news is that the options had a long enough fuse to get past the really ugly bottom -- $13.85 -- that the stock hit on March 9th.

Today, Company C shares closed at $18.68.

I already feel lucky. The question is how lucky I feel between now and April 16th when the options expire...

ObDisclaimer: Yes, I am a Company C employee. No, I have no idea what the share price is going to do, nor do I speak for the corporation in any way, shape, or form.