March 31st, 2009

Look At the Train!

I see FilkOntario charging in my direction at the end of the week. As I count on my fingers, I conclude that there are more things that need to get done than can possibly be accomplished before I go.

Something's going to give here.

Katie and the Doggie Dick

Katie's got a small problem with the letter "s" in some words. As a result, "disk" comes out "dick". And when Katie asked to see the doggie dick tonight, we knew -- from experience -- that what she really wanted was to watch a DVD.

"Gromit?" asked daisy_knotwise

"No! With kitty."

Hmm. Ah! The new Bolt DVD that I bought for her and showed her over the weekend.

So Gretchen and Katie watched Bolt while I continued to work on taxes.

The end is near, somewhere.