June 5th, 2009

The Incredible Importance of NULL Testing

If you do not check for NULL pointers, you can get away with it right up until the point when the code presents you with one, at which time your code will merrily GPF. I am currently at about line 1400 in someone's 2800 line file, adding in the NULL pointer checks which aren't there at the moment.

Before I finish this, I am going to Sweet Baby Ray's for dinner.

Because I deserve it.

Push the Button, Max!

Earlier today, while I was waiting for files to arrive to test, I wandered into the back bathroom, used the toilet, and noticed that it seemed to be flushing strangely. Upon further inspection, I noticed a little red thing at the bottom of the bowl. I reached in to try to pull it out and found that it was lodged in the tiny hole at the bottom. Hmmm.

So I went and got a pair of tweezers and managed to get it out. When I did, I discovered that it was a gag keycap that daisy_knotwise had given me for Christmas several years ago.

It was the "Panic" button.

Somehow, that seems appropriate today.

I suspect Julie is at fault for this one.