July 27th, 2009

Ruling the Universe With Mega Mega Blocks

On Saturday night, daisy_knotwise foolishly said, "I want to get more Mega Blocks so I can come down here at night after Katie's asleep and build what I want to build! A really big tower. Bigger than Katie!"

So yesterday, we were on a fairly tight time schedule, because we needed to get the house picked up somewhat before heading off to see Harry Potter. I was heading up to Randhurst to pick up tickets, then stopping at Home Depot to pick up a couple of things that we needed, then to Walgreens to get formula for Katie, then home. So there really wasn't time to do anything else.

Except that I'd seen the house with the guitars at the garage sale as I'd driven up Mount Prospect Road.

Now, I'd seen that same garage sale and guitars the year before. And I'd stopped and looked at the guitars, but I really didn't need any of the guitars, nor did I want to pay what was being asked for them then.

That didn't stop me from being curious. So I parked on a side street (no parking on the main drag), walked over, glanced at the guitars which I still didn't need and which were still more than I wanted to pay, and walked back through the rest of the sale.

Where I found two enormous boxes of Mega Blocks.

Fifteen dollars and less than five minutes total later, I was back on the road with Mega Blocks in tow.

Katie likes her new blocks. So does Gretchen, although she'll like them better once they've been washed. It seems there was a mouse in the garage where they were stored.

And Gretchen is allergic to mice.