August 20th, 2009

In the Swim

The forecast for the next couple of days is sharply colder and the forecast for this afternoon was for thunderstorms, so I took advantage of the flexible hours I have while working at home to take a long lunch and take Katie to the pool for what is probably the last time this summer. This trip, she wanted to go on the inner tube lazy river ride, so I popped into an inner tube and floated around with Katie. Twice, because she didn't want to stop. And twice was about as much as my stomach could stand in a row. *sigh* Bobbing, floating, and rotating. Not my long suit.

We spent time in the big pool, in the children's playground with the water jets and slides, and in the sandy beach section. We did not, either one of us, go down the water slide into the 12 foot deep pool. I explained to Katie that she was too young for it.

"You go!"

"I can't, Katie. I need to stay with you."

She wasn't thrilled by this answer.

Later, she insisted on going on the inner tube ride again. And halfway through the course, she insisted on going in a tube of her own. So I transferred her to a handy tube that was floating by, made sure that she had a grip, and then held onto her tube for the duration.

Of course, given that she was in the center of the doughnut, her visibility wasn't nearly as good as it had been when she was riding on top of Daddy. But that's what she wanted, so...

And a good time was had by all.