August 31st, 2009

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Taxman!

shsilver left tonight's Cubs game after the seventh inning stretch. Absent his conversation, I only made it to the end of the inning before heading home. I didn't miss much.

daisy_knotwise had asked me to pick up some Tilex on the way home, so I ran by the Jewel. I also picked up a few containers of yogurt and some rice pudding that was on sale. And since soda was still on sale and the sales tax rate goes from the food rate to the general merchandise rate tomorrow, I decided it was an opportune time to fill 'er up.

I went to the self-checkout. The woman next to the register suggested that I should use the other self-checkout lane with the belt, because it would be "easier". I pointed out that it would not be easier, because I intended to scan one carton of soda five times, rather than removing each of the identical cartons from the cart and replacing them. She said, "But then I have to press a button."

I said, "Yes, that's correct," and proceeded to use the self-checkout lane that I'd intended to use in the way that I'd intended to use it. And she did press the button in reasonably good time.

Easier for who, I wonder. Well, no, I don't actually.

Anyway, I carefully studied the receipt and the amount of sales tax on it was way too large for what I'd just bought. So off I went to the Service Desk, where I mentioned to the nice lady there that the amount of tax was clearly wrong, because the sales tax rate doesn't go up until tomorrow, She agreed that was true and we spent five minutes futzing around with it before she finally decided to just scan a pack of soda and see what came up for tax.

It was clearly ten percent, which was clearly wrong. Apparently someone had decided to enter the new rate and go home.

They finally ended up giving me all of the tax on the purchase back.

Which was nice of them. I would have settled for what I didn't owe the State of Illinois.