September 6th, 2009

The Candy Tree

I got the idea for this while driving down to Wrigley Field last week. Then it was just a matter of pulling it all together. Of course, that requires a little free time with the guitar, which can be just a little bit harder when you have two little girls. Especially when you've sugared them up well...

Update: daisy_knotwise suggested that I might want to change a few things. So I've nipped here and tucked there. :)
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Katie Scores!

daisy_knotwise suggested that, after lunch, she could drop Katie and I at Fry's while she and Julie went to the nearby baby supply store to pick up some things we needed. I warned Gretchen that I was not entirely responsible for what we might come out of the store with, although I did mention that picking up the box set of the third season of "Heroes" was pretty much a certainty.

We walked into the store. First, I had to separate Katie from the long line of quarter toy and candy vending machines at the exit. Then she discovered the Mega Blocks and grabbed a bag. I informed her that we had enough Mega Blocks.

And I studied the shelf. We did not, however, have the Mega Blocks tow truck. I took it down and asked Katie if she wanted it.

Boy, did she! She drove it half way around the store before finally giving it to me to put in the cart.

I then wandered by the computers, checking prices for WindyCon, off to the big screen TVs, just because I like nifty tech, then over to the clock radios. The one in our back bathroom is particularly annoying, because Katie can easily set the alarm accidentally, while unsetting the alarm is an arcane process that neither Gretchen or I can remember. I found a nice little Sony model and added it to the cart.

Then it was off to the DVDs. I grabbed the boxed set of "Heroes", had to distract Katie from the box sets of "Family Guy", and headed off to the "family video" section where I found what I was looking for:

Two DVDs of "Phineas and Ferb", a wonderful little series that Katie has fallen in love with and that Mommy and Daddy actually like. It's a Disney Channel show with Warner Brothers sensibilities. Whee!

I added a box of washable crayons in the checkout line.

And as I checked out, I got change for a dollar. Katie decided to invest her quarter in some off-brand version of Mike & Ike.

Overall, I think she did pretty well. :)