September 8th, 2009


And I've just finished ripping all of the albums that we sell to an MP3 player, so we can demo them for customers. There are a few exceptions to this: I didn't rip several albums that we have single copies of and which we're going to stop carrying for a variety of reasons. But that said, here are the final statistics for you stats hounds.

I ripped 249 albums containing 3968 tracks. The MP3 player started out with 15296 MB of space and now has 1970 MB free. So there's room for a few more albums on there.

And my thanks to all of the people who've stuffed CD info onto Gracenote over the years. I only had to hand enter about a half-dozen albums.


Another Triumph of Technology

daisy_knotwise has been a bit frustrated, because I'm sitting in the office here at home all day (and sometimes late into the night), which means that she can't get at the computer that has all her files and applications on it, even if I'm on the work computer. This has greatly delayed her wrapping up some of her Capricon responsibilities as she passes on Dealers' Room info to the new folks running it.

Today, I realized that she could use Remote Desktop to access the home office computer while I'm working. I just set everything up and tested it successfully from the computer in the bedroom.