September 25th, 2009

Sod It

The patio is done, but because of the subsidence of the fill around the house, they had to grade from the edge of the patio down to the current ground level by adding a mound of new topsoil. In theory, we could put down some grass seed and it would eventually grow.

In practice, we have two toddlers.

So we're laying sod this afternoon. daisy_knotwise picked up seven rolls of sod before it became apparent that we would need a lot more sod than that. She's gone back for another 21 rolls. That should do the job.

I hope.


So daisy_knotwise got back from the nursery with the 21 rolls of sod in the back of the minivan. And just as I went to put it down, it started to rain.

The problem is that we have things to do tonight that involve driving out to Schaumburg with the girls. That's not going to happen with 21 rolls of sod in the back of the van. The sod needed to come out. And once out, it needed to be put on the spots that needed sodding.

So Gretchen and I were sodding in the rain with the girls happily running around the yard and periodically trying to steal the knife she was using to cut the sod. Eventually, we finished.

And we were all very wet.

Gretchen is currently bathing the girls. Then she gets to clean up. Then I do.

And it turns out that I still need two more pieces of sod to finish off covering the dig at the bottom of the yard. I thought that I'd need at least three pieces -- it turns out that four would have been more like it, and one piece got cannibalized to fill in holes up around the patio.

Maybe later. :)