October 5th, 2009

Website Updated

And because I couldn't sleep, the website is now updated with the lyrics to everything except "Albuquerque". That one's not done because I need to get the chords from a songbook in Julie's room and I really am not going to chance waking her up.

Aside from everything else, daisy_knotwise would justifiably yell at me. :)

Your Star

As I continue cleaning up missing items in my filk book and on the website, I've got this song. It was my second attempt at writing a song about a soldier far away from home. I never liked it as well as I do "One Last Battle", which probably has a lot to do with why it's been buried for a long time.
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Gunga Wells

And another of the really old things in my filk book is this song. Jim Detry left the lyrics in the contribution drawer for the fanzine that I was editing for ChUSFA (the Champaign-Urbana Science Fiction Association) when I was down at the University of Illinois. They're essentially all his -- I tweaked them a hair. The tune is mine, save for the fact that the first line is essentially identical to Clif's "Mama Rosa's".

I blame the Melancholy Elephants.
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Remember the Hyatt

Here's the last entry for this batch, which I think finishes off everything that was already typed up and on the computer, but which had -- for some reason -- not managed to make it to the website.

It was 1981. Worldcon was returning to Chicago for the first time in a long time. And the overlapping committees had decided to hold WindyCon downtown as a trial run of the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Of course, the problem was that the hotel was booked in October when the con was normally held. But December! December was available. And so there we were.

There were problems. There were lots of problems. And Clif got caught by several of them, so his mood was foul. daisy_knotwise was running the Masquerade and had asked Clif and I to perform at halftime. And we decided to write a song. We played it for Gretchen and asked if it was ok with her. She said, "Sure!"

We went on stage at the Masquerade halftime. And they turned up the lights. And everyone started talking. We were undermiked and barely audible past the first row, which is where our friends came up to so they could hear us, along with some of the convention guests.

But mostly we were ignored. Until Gretchen signaled us to wrap it up and we launched into our new song.

And the room got really quiet all of a sudden.

And before we were done, the Fan GoH, Mike Glyer, fell off his chair laughing.

Later, Ross recruited me to help run cons up here in Chicago, so I guess he got even.

Did I mention that Chicago is bidding for 2012? :)

(Did I mention that I'm not on the committee? I've stopped trying to run Worldcons. Too much politics for my blood...)
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