December 19th, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho

After lunch, I went out and cleared the one to three inches of oobleck off the driveway. Katie came out to help me. After five minutes of help, I asked daisy_knotwise to come take Katie in before I had a heart attack. I'd given her a shovel (since she demanded one), but the snow she was moving kept ending up on the sections of driveway that I'd already cleared, which was less than helpful. Once Katie went back in, I finished up in half an hour or so.

I had some Christmas shopping to do, but Gretchen asked that I take Katie out to Sam's Club and then to the Jewel to pick up some things that we needed. This would allow her to put Julie down for a nap and get started cleaning up the family room floor, so it seemed like an entirely reasonable request.

Mostly, this worked. Katie did go running off once, but it only resulted in a two aisle detour at Sam's Club. Then there was the sit down strike after we went through the checkout there, because Katie still remembers that I once bought her an ice cream cup at the Sam's Club lunch counter and that was what she wanted, despite the weather. (See above.)

Off to the Jewel we eventually went, where things actually went pretty well, despite my inability to find a replacement for Katie's broken snow globe. I divested her of the Hershey's Special Dark bar that she grabbed at the checkout line before anything could happen to it. (Gretchen's comment: "Julie's smarter than Katie. Her first act when she grabbed the chocolate Santa was to bite the head off it, so that I had to buy it.") And then we went home and I gave Katie a graham cracker from the box that I'd bought so that Gretchen could later make an apple pie from the vast quantity of apples in our refrigerator.

Then I finally went out shopping. And after walking hither and yon, and then yon and hither, I think I've finally gotten everything.

Except for one present that I'll pick up tomorrow after lunch, because I need it tomorrow night. :)