January 3rd, 2010

NAS Update

It turns out that one of the two new 2 TB Hitachi drives that I picked up at Fry's was dead-in-box. It would power up, but when you listened carefully to the drive, you'd just hear the heads clicking fruitlessly. So the drive had to be returned, which was accomplished, but not as simply as it would have been had the receipt not been lost somewhere.

However, the new drive is now installed in the NAS next to the other drive from last week's purchase and the synchronization is proceeding nicely. A note for anyone picking up one of these units (Netgear ReadyNAS NV+) and adding drives -- you'll need flat-headed drive screws to mount the drives. The round-headed screws that came with the Hitachi drives stick out too far for the trays to slide in.

Itch Scratched

I finished recording the scratch tracks for Crosstime Bus today, resorting to a punch in to get "Dance By Starlight" to finish correctly. The first transition I was able to manage just fine. :)

Mind you, I have four tracks on ADAT tapes and 12 tracks on Cubase. All of the tracks need to be in the other format, so I've got a bit of transfer work to do, but I should be able to produce rough CDs at the same time, so it's only another couple of hours of work.

And it's a couple of hours of work where it doesn't matter if Katie and Julie decide to dance in the breakfast nook above the studio... :)