January 10th, 2010

Project Creep

In this case, the project that is creeping along is Crosstime Bus. I've spent a couple of hours down in the studio this afternoon. During that time, I've transferred the scratch tracks for the four songs that are on ADAT tape to Cubase -- the reverse operation will be required later for the other 12 tracks. I've done quick mixes of the scratch tracks. Now I'm burning a CD with the tracks in the current proposed running order so we can listen to it and see if it wants to hang together as an album.

And with all that done, we're actually in a position to send scratch tracks off to people who might be helping me out with this. :)

The proposed running order:

Crosstime Bus
It's All Right
Love At First Sight
Behind the Mask
We Can Change the World
Inconstant Moon
Elements of Disaster
Butterfly Wind
Mother and Daughter
Dance By Starlight
Out to the Stars

On Further Review

There are three of the scratch tracks that are at too fast a tempo and which will need to be recorded again. One track also needs to be transposed into a different key, but fortunately it was at the wrong tempo anyway. :)

And this is why we listen to the scratch tracks before inflicting them on the rest of the world...