January 14th, 2010

Once More Into the Studio

After dinner tonight, I went down and re-recorded the three scratch tracks that were at the wrong tempo. The last song was very entertaining, as I had planned to capo it up two frets to fix the problem I was having with the key. And it turned out that going from the key of E to the key of F# still left it a bit too low.

Ok, how about capo three to get to G? Well, that's not bad, but now the guitar sounds thin which is all wrong for this song.

Well, what about just transposing it to A? Can I transpose this to A? Do I have a pen?

[Bill heads to the studio, looks for a pen, finds none. Takes the Sharpie back to the recording booth. Finds two pens on the small bookcase there. *duh*]

Ok, the chorus seems to work. Let's write those chords down. Now for the verse.

What the heck am I going to do with all those funky chords at the end of the verse? Crud. Ok, if I play this it sounds ok. And that sounds ok. And if I turn this chord into a Gm7, it sounds right. Yeah, that works. Let's play through it.

Ok, let's record it.




Repeat about four times. Finally play song all the way through. Hit stop and head into the studio. Notice that tracking cursor is about four seconds past the end of the recording. That doesn't look good. Go back to the beginning of the cut and start playing.

Ok, that's fine. And then I hear the F-word on the recording. And the sound of me going for the stop button. This is immediately followed by another fine recording of the F-word and me going for the stop button.

Yep, I'd flubbed it at that spot a couple of times apparently. And I'd managed to not notice that the recorder wasn't actually recording on the "good" take that I'd just done.


Back to the recording booth to try it again. And after another flub, I finally got it close enough to right to serve as a scratch track.

At least until Sally hears it and lets me know how much my tempo varied during the process. :)