January 25th, 2010


I wrote this song on the way home from Confusion. (That's two years in a row now. One more time will make it a Sacred TraditionTM.) The tune is not quite fixed in place yet, which is one of the hazards of writing without guitar in hand, but I bought a steno book at my first stop to get something to drink, so I was able to compose a verse, find an exit, write it down, get back on the highway, and do it again. It only slowed the drive down a little. :)

I got the germ of the idea for this during s00j's concert at Confusion. It was another one of those "Here's the picture. How the heck did he get in this mess?" songs.

Anyway, although the tune is still in flux, the lyrics are stable, and since that's all you can see right now...
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