February 1st, 2010

Coding, Coding, Over the Bounding C++

I continue hacking away at the code base that I'm working on. This would be easier if Katie would actually go to bed. Sadly, I see the light on under her door again.

We've told her that if she wants to sit quietly in her room and read, it'll be ok. With luck, she will.

Update: No, she didn't. She came out, presented me with the new children's book based on Disney's "The Princess and the Frog", and announced that it was too hard for her to read. Well, yes, she hasn't had it read to her a few dozen times yet. I told her that she'd need to read it herself.

So she took it to daisy_knotwise who was already in bed. That didn't go well either, so Katie went back to her room and cried.

After a bit of this, I took pity on her and went in and read the book for her.

And she went to sleep.

21 Months Old

Julie is 21 months old today, a fact that managed to escape me in the general confusion around here. Since she's suffering a bit from Second Child Syndrome, I'm going to have to pull out the digital camera tomorrow and take some more pictures when we go to McDonald's for lunch. (That's a scheduled activity for days when the cleaning lady comes, because cleaning with Katie and Julie present is just a bit entertaining.)

Julie's language skills are developing rapidly. And she's starting to reject this whole concept of napping, despite daisy_knotwise trying to explain to her that she'll really want those naps when she gets older, but she won't be able to have them then.

And tonight, shortly before we took the girls upstairs to go to bed, Julie was sitting on the couch next to Gretchen. She leaned over and put her head on Gretchen's side and said, "My mommy. My mommy."

And I think that made Gretchen's day.