February 4th, 2010


In the process of these massive file copies that I'm doing for work, it's become apparent that something is wrong with my Internet connection. So I called Speakeasy today and we confirmed that there's something wrong on the path to my DSL modem. Tomorrow, they call me back and I take the modem outside and plug it directly into the NIC.

But today, I thought of the condition of the wires running from the NIC into the house and decided to replace them. How hard could that be?

Harder than you'd think, because the end of the conduit stub is now in the ceiling of the engineering half of the recording studio. And the first thing I did was pull out the working wire. I tried pushing the new wire through, but couldn't see it. I tried taping it to a second old wire that had been used when my DSL was on a dry pair, but couldn't pull it through. It turns out that was the wire that was in such bad shape that the insulation was cracking off in my hands as I pulled on it. Fortunately, it wasn't carrying any signal.

Unfortunately, it wasn't going to serve as a temporary replacement either.

Finally, I called Jerry. Jerry came over with a electrician's fish tape.

Which we couldn't find either when we pushed it through the stub. *sigh*

Eventually, we took the drill and the jigsaw and cut a hole in the ceiling so we could find the end of the tape and pull the wire through. And now I have phone and Internet again.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thanks, Jerry!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I did a little clean up in the studio a few minutes ago. In order to cover the hole in the ceiling, I decided that the expedient thing to do was to grab the can of spray-on glue and put the foam back along the edge of the ceiling where it had started out the evening. Of course, you don't want to get the glue onto the carpet, so I took it into the laundry room, where the floor is still concrete. I sprayed the foam with the glue, then took it back and stuck it in place. Success!

And then I heard a really loud annoying beeping. The gas detector in the laundry room is greatly offended by the propellant that the spray-on glue uses. I've reset it a couple of times, but it's started beeping again. Audibly. In my second floor office. *sigh*

I guess I'll go down and pull the battery.

I Am Curious: George

Alas, poor Pooh. Although Katie still has a certain fondness for Winnie the Pooh (and especially for Tigger), we've gone from bouncing around the house to "eek, eek"ing around the house. Katie sleeps with a Curious George pillow and blanket that daisy_knotwise made for her. And I had to go downstairs and find the missing George stuffed doll before she went to bed.

Poor Pooh.