February 5th, 2010

Why Does Friday Feel Like a Monday?

Well, let's see:

  • I had to take my DSL modem out in the (fortunately light) snow that was falling to plug it into the network interface to prove that the problem wasn't with my internal wiring.
  • But Ameritech is closed until Monday, so they won't be fixing anything for a while.
  • I finally finished installing the software that I spent two days downloading.
  • But it still doesn't run.
  • The new recording laptop came.
  • It does run.
  • But I still have a metric boatload of software to install on it. :)
  • daisy_knotwise slipped on a Mega Block and injured a muscle in her upper arm.
  • Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be serious.
  • It does, however, hurt a lot.
  • I decided that maybe we should order in some dinner.
  • Katie decided we should go to McDonald's instead so she could run around the PlayPlace.
  • Katie won.