February 11th, 2010

Badge Bleg

Apropos of the preceding post, if you happen to be able to lay hands on badges for Capricon 13, 19, and/or 20 and are planning on being at the con, might you be able to grab them and bring them with to fill out the collection for the exhibit that's planned?


Rock Me Slowly

Oh, joy. Dental joy, to be exact.

The rearmost left lower molar is currently quiet again, thanks to substantial application of Amoxicillin. Unfortunately, the traitorous molar in front of it which had the annoyingly expensive root canal late last year is having a new and entertaining problem.

When a big piece of the tooth cracked off last year, my dentist built up a massive filling out of amalgam. That filling is now shifting around relative to the rest of the tooth. It's only held on by a pin, so my suspicion is that the silly filling is rocking back and forth on the pin. If I push it this way, the edge of the filling and the tooth become a smooth surface. And if I bite down, it rocks back that way, and there's a sharp edge exposed.

I see a crown in my very near future.