February 14th, 2010

And That's a Wrap

Because no piece of gear was going to behave correctly for the entire weekend, the Mackie 1604 mixer decided to get funky just in time for the Toyboat concert and my preceding concert on Saturday night. For some reason, we couldn't get signal through the main outputs. tollers and I stared at it for a minute or two, then gave up and rewired the connections to use the working aux outputs that weren't already being used for Toyboat.

Somewhere during the Toyboat concert, I looked down and there was now sound showing up on the meters for the main outs. I have no idea why. Dave Ifversen kindly offered to open the board up and take a look, so it went home with him.

Despite the entertaining equipment malfunctions, everyone heard what they were supposed to hear and everyone seemed to have a good time. But Debbie, gundo, and I could have used a bit less entertainment! :)