February 28th, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

We spent a pleasant day with jeff_duntemann visiting. I went to Sam's Club and restocked on a bunch of supplies, then to the Jewel to pick up the last few items for dinner.

Katie and Julie greatly enjoyed having Uncle Jeff around. The feeling was mutual. :)

This evening, I've paid the bills, talked to the folks at First Merit who have taken over our accounts from First Bank, and gotten my online banking reestablished so that I can transfer money to cover all the checks I just wrote. Since the property taxes are due on Tuesday, this is important. :) I also discovered that I'm being dinged for a $1.00 / month fee for an ATM card, which didn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the literature they sent. But we're going over to the bank tomorrow, so we'll see.

Now, I'm going over some of the tax paperwork so I can try to get things within shouting distance of done before I run off for Consonance next weekend. We'll see how that goes.

But little girls are sound asleep. I think Uncle Jeff ran the batteries down...