April 4th, 2010

A Busy Lazy Sunday

Yes, I know that seems contradictory, but that's the way that it worked out.

daisy_knotwise got up early to beat the house into submission before samwinolj and Bonnie arrived for Easter brunch. They brought orange juice and champagne to make mimosas, which made Gretchen very happy. I stuck with the straight orange juice, as a sulfite attack before FilkOntario was exactly the wrong thing to have happen. After we ate, Sam and I took the girls out the the schoolyard to fly Katie's kite. Sam did a pretty good job of getting the kite in the air, but the kite turned out to be not nearly as attractive as the schoolyard slides and jungle gyms.

Julie was a very determined little girl, following Katie up the climbing wall to get to the platform for one of the slides. I would have sworn that she was still too small to pull that trick off. Apparently not.

After Sam and Bonnie headed home, I went down to the basement and made some adjustments to the rough mix for Teenage Popsicle Girl. While I was there, Bob came by to pick up his baseball tickets. And he was also good enough to help me install the Vintage Keys add-in ROM for the Kurzweil keyboard. There are a lot of nice keyboard sounds in there! Then it was back to the basement to finish mixing down catalana's scratch tracks.

Later, we ate leftovers for dinner, watched a bit of Opening Day on ESPN 2, then headed upstairs. While Gretchen put Julie to bed, I finished up the song that I've been working on for the songwriting contest at FKO. Now it's time for Katie to stop playing video games and go to bed.

Katie, of course, doesn't agree.