April 5th, 2010

Meanwhile, Back At Work

One of our partners who I work closely with requested some enhancements to a feature that we worked on several years ago when he still worked where I work. This ended up being distilled into three separate enhancement requests.

The first of them is now finished in less than an afternoon's work.

The other two will take a bit longer, but one of them is something for a different person here to code. :)

Well, Hail

daisy_knotwise had run the girls upstairs to start heading them toward bed while I waited downstairs to change out the laundry. This was about the moment that the thunderstorm hit in earnest. I watched as pebble-sized hail cascaded down on the back of the house. Then I went down and swapped out the laundry.

When I got back upstairs, the wind had shifted. Now, we had marble-sized hail at the front of the house. One of them conveniently bounced up on the sheltered porch, so I grabbed it and took it upstairs to show to Katie and Julie.

Naturally, Katie tried to eat it. :)