April 22nd, 2010

Jonah Goldberg on the Zombie Apocalypse

In today's Goldberg File, Jonah Goldberg of National Review has the following to say about the coming Zombie Apocalypse:

"There are lots of good arguments about gun rights. But it amazes me how often these debates boil down to whether you can imagine that tomorrow will look a lot different than today. So many liberals dismiss the "right to revolution" arguments on the grounds that they can't imagine its ever being necessary. Nor can they imagine a military invasion or a collapse of the social order sufficiently chaotic to justify the laws of self-preservation. And don't even get me started on zombies.

I hope these unimaginative liberals are right. But I can tell you this: When the zombies rise, I won't be racing to the homes of friends who happened to be lifetime members of Handgun Control Inc. I will be heading North to Alaska, where I have family and they have guns, lots and lots of guns. And, more to the point, while the prevalence of guns in our society will do little to nothing to prevent the zombie menace from ever arising, those guns go a long way toward circumscribing the menu of available policy options for the state. In other words, the existence of gun rights makes the "need" for gun rights seem less apparent."

Adventures in Potty Training #3

This morning, daisy_knotwise put Katie on the toilet when she woke up. Nothing happened, so after a bit, Gretchen got her down and put her pull up on. About fifteen minutes later, Katie announced that she had peed a bit in her pull up, so Gretchen put her back on the toilet and we were rewarded with a bowel movement that actually hit water. :)

As a reward, Katie got the "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom" Wii game that I'd bought several weeks ago for an occasion such as this. Unfortunately, it turns out that an hour of helping Katie play the game will make me motion sick.


Look At the Moon!

As Uncle Jeff was leaving tonight after dinner to head back to the condo, a stark-naked Julie ran out the front door with Katie and me in hot pursuit. She was eventually apprehended in the side yard of the house. As I picked her up, she told me, "I want look at the Moon!".

Well, yes, dear, but not everyone in the neighborhood did.