June 7th, 2010

The Excavation of Stuff

In preparation for catalana and Steve staying with us after Duckon, daisy_knotwise and I have commenced the excavation of the library. Yesterday, I managed to use Plastic Wood to -- at least apparently! -- fix the peg holes in the bookcase where the pegs had torn out. As of this evening, the shelf full of books is still a shelf full of books. This made it possible to get the big stack of books off of the couch.

Since then, we've been engaged in putting a great many things away somewhere. Those places may not always be the best choices, but they did have the advantage of being places that weren't already full of something. Almost all of the floor is visible now and only one extra chair needs to be moved out to find a new home. Somewhere.

Of course, the fireplace tools that had been removed from the area of the fireplace so that Katie and Julie didn't find new and interesting ways to swing them still need to be parked somewhere, as they're on the floor near the door. And more books needs to be shelved in various places and there are a few things that have still defied finding a place to go. ("Oh, look. It's the empty two photo album from my brother's first wedding. You know, if we haven't gotten those photos yet, I bet we aren't going to.")

But it's progress. And if we had to pull out the pullout couch tonight, we could. :)