July 9th, 2010


My throat is now annoyingly uncomfortable. Not necessarily exactly sore, but it certainly hurts when I swallow. *sigh*

I took the girls out to Woodfield Mall to meet daisy_knotwise at Red Robin for dinner after her session with janmagic. I got the world's best parking space in front of Macy's, which was good. Unfortunately, once we got into the mall proper, Katie set off at a faster pace than Julie could manage and vanished into the distance.

When I didn't find her at the restaurant, I became severely worried and called Gretchen, who was just parking the car and told her that we had a problem and that I'd meet her at a particular junction inside the mall.

And just then, Katie wandered up and said, "Where were you?"

Yes, dear. That's pretty much what I was thinking.

I like the fact that Katie's independent. This was a bit too independent.