August 6th, 2010

Jump In

I've been playing around with this one for a week or so and I think it's finally jelled. The big trick was bashing it enough to keep it from sounding too much like some of my other songs. (One in particular.) I think I succeeded -- we'll see this weekend at MuseCon. :)
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And Then the Window Exploded

daisy_knotwise took Julie off to the pediatrician for her (delayed) two year checkup. Everything was just fine -- I'm sure Gretchen will give more details on this later. I stayed home with Katie and got some work done, aided by the fact that Katie didn't wake up until after noon. We plan to start doing something about this schedule shortly, but it was awfully helpful today.

When Gretchen got home, I hurried off to my car to grab some lunch. I opened the car door, tossed my newspaper in, and heard the sound of falling glass. What the...?!

The right rear window was shattered at the bottom. Glass was all over the back seat and on the floor of the garage. Glass bits fell at every vibration.

It's a mystery. Apparently, windows just do this sometimes. My insurance is covering it (save for the deductible) and the SafeLite tech is out in the driveway replacing the window now.

But sheesh!