August 8th, 2010

Post Musecon Report

My concert on Saturday went well (as did all the others). And beamjockey caught me later to ask about Nobody Calls which I opened the concert with, as he's presenting at a SETI conference next month. :)

I enjoyed Gundo's session on the blues scale, but had to drop out a few minutes early, because I wanted to have some fingers left for the concert. Unfortunately, daisy_knotwise missed two of the sessions she'd hoped to get to, because we were just running late. *sigh* But it was a nice little convention and should be even nicer next year.

The engineering panel went well and it was fun comparing all the microphones. Gretchen left with the girls before that started, because Katie and Julie were well and truly wired. They fell asleep in the car on the way home and pretty much stayed asleep for the rest of the evening. That never happens! (And we paid for it in the morning when Julie woke up at 6 AM.) I stayed for the Toyboat concert (which was fun and I got to try out a new engineering trick -- well, new to me anyway!), but decided to head home before the open filk, because I figured that Gretchen could use the company, despite her having told me that I could stay.

And she could, so that was good.