August 13th, 2010

The Week of Driving Differently: Conclusion

Yesterday, I had a chance to take catalana's Ford Fusion on a slightly more extended trip, including a short stint on the Edens Expressway where I could actually legally get the car up over 45 MPH. Everything went well.

Today, I took the car out for lunch (as in, I ate lunch and filled it up with gas) and parked it back on the other side of the garage as I switched back to the Ford Five Hundred after my extended test drive.

I conclude that I can comfortably drive a Ford Fusion. I have no idea when I'll be replacing the Five Hundred or exactly how big Katie and Julie will be then -- and that will be an important consideration when I get the next sedan, because I remember having spent too much time in a too-small back seat. (The back seat of the Fusion is decently sized, so we'll likely be ok, but I want to be sure about that.)

Overall, a successful test.

Thanks, Erica!