August 18th, 2010

The Bottle Update

So last night, we sent Katie to bed without a bottle. She squawked, which didn't surprise us. We reminded her that there was no formula, but that she was welcome to a sippy cup of milk, which she finally agreed to accept. If it were warm.

So I went down, filled a sippy cup with milk, added a bit of vanilla at museinred's suggestion and brought it up to a slightly warm temperature. And I gave it to Katie and she went to bed.

Not too much later, she walked into our room and informed us that the sippy cup was too hot and too cold.

Uh huh. So she drank pretty much no milk last night, but she did go to bed. The sippy cup went in the fridge for later.

And not having consumed twenty to forty ounces of liquid immediately before bedtime, it was a pretty dry night. :)

The Bug Update

Meanwhile, on the possible bug mentioned here:

A bug you say? Why, no, no, no!
It does just what we need, you know.
The case you found looks odd to you,
Your fix makes this case odder too.
So do not make this fix today.
Just take your fix and go away!

Well, I guess that wasn't such a good idea after all. :)

Today's Haircut

Memorandum to the barber who asked today whether I wanted my hair "tapered" in the back and sides:

I was somehow under the impression that this meant that it started longer and got shorter as you went down rather than being of a uniform pretty damned short length. Instead, this looks more like the back and sides of a crew cut.

At least hair grows out.