August 28th, 2010

Keeping It In Context

I'm having a good time here at Context. We all enjoyed filkertom's concert on Friday night; then he and I sat around mostly swapping songs in the open filk until a bit before midnight. I had a chance to chat with Kathy Hamilton about OVFF -- this being the same hotel that's the new OVFF hotel this year. :)

It's a pretty relaxed time, which is a good thing. :)


Meanwhile, I spent much of yesterday driving to Context. This meant lunch at Shapiro's in Indianapolis, which was large. (It always is.) And I'd put together a chorus somewhere on I-65, so I ran in with a sheet of paper and scrawled it down while eating.

Then I headed east on I-70 with a two hour phone meeting for work. (The Bluetooth headset worked fine, which was a relief, because I'd had it for a year and just gotten around to using it for this occasion.) That meant that the song went on the back burner.

Until late last night when I finished it up. The chorus tune still needs a bit of bashing to fit, which isn't uncommon for a tune written in the car.

And the scifi/fantasy content is pretty much nil. The country content, however, is exceedingly high.

You've been warned. :)
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