September 4th, 2010

Settling One Issue

Well, at least we settled the issue of whether or not I'll be doing anything for Chicon 7 tonight.

shsilver had invited me up to the announcement party at the Westin tonight and told me to go ahead and bring the kids -- incidentally making it possible for daisy_knotwise to come along. So I figured, why not?

We were having a pleasant conversation with Elaine when Erik got the video running from Australia. (And kudos to Erik for managing the tech.) Unfortunately, the sound was a bit spotty and Julie was initially being a bit loud as we tried to quiet her. One of the committee members with whom I have a bit of history told us we would have to get her to be quiet or take her out. So we got her to be quiet -- at least as quiet as a non-sleeping two-year old ever is. Pretty much the occasional happy toddler noise at a low level. And the same person told us to take her out.

So I erupted. And I grabbed Julie, told the committee member to "F*ck off", and told Gretchen to grab our things.

And we left.

I'm sure it will be a lovely convention. And I'm equally sure that they really don't need me for anything, so I probably don't need to be a source of irritation.


(As Gretchen observed, this particular committee member has a fine history of chattering away during committee meetings and convention panels. I suppose that wouldn't help.)

Hanging Harry Truman

ConText is a literary convention. And I spent a fair amount of time hanging out with Juanita Coulson over the weekend, wandering into the conversation that sparked this idea somewhere in the middle.

Thinking of it in SF literary terms, I'd never gotten around to writing an alternate history song. Until now.
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