September 7th, 2010

Reclaiming the Library

After the work that daisy_knotwise did on reducing the boxes in the library yesterday, I went out to the garage, took some measurements, and decided that we could buy a shelf, put it in the corner, and put the remaining boxes back on it. This should still allow our HVAC guy to get into the attic entrance in the garage corner without too much trouble, but it would clear the library floor so that we could actually walk around. Or drop the treadmill down so that Gretchen could use it.

So we bought a shelf today. I assembled it with some help from Katie and then proceeded to load it up while Gretchen, Katie, and Julie drew chalk pictures on the driveway. Eventually, I borrowed Gretchen to help sort out the mess on the other shelves in the vicinity. Katie and Julie spent time pushing dust around with the brooms.

But the garage is now much neater than it's been in years.

Meanwhile, does anyone in the vicinity need four bags of red volcanic landscape rock? I've had them for about thirteen years now and I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to use them...