September 10th, 2010

Upcoming Filk Projects

So here's what we're working on in the short term in the mighty (slow) Dodeka studio:

A reprinting of Urban Tapestry's Myths and Urban Legends. This is, in theory, the simplest thing to do. I need to get hold of artbeco to see if she's got a digital copy of the cover painting -- which, having read her website this week and discovered that she intended to have cropped differently for the CD, I intend to fix this time around. :)

A first CD printing of Juanita Coulson and Michael Longcor's What's a Hoosier?. The master has been transferred to the computer and is clean, so I just need to assemble the CD, get a cover, and work up the printed material in Adobe Illustrator. This project will probably come out as a digipak of one kind or another, as I'd like to see if I can sell some in museums and such, so shrink wrap is going to be my friend.

A first CD printing of Julia Ecklar's Walkabout. The master has been transferred to the computer, but needs a bit of clean up work before it's ready to be pressed to CD. And I need to get all of the printed materials together.

A CD release of my The Grim Roper Unplugged. This will take the original multi-track masters and remix with just the vocal and guitar parts, so it will be a bit different than the cassette version. And I'll need to get a cover and the printed materials together once I have time to finish the mixing off.

We're also working on a first CD release of Scott Snyder's (bardiclug) Bardic Lug. Scott's pulling the master back together for that project, so it's a bit further down the pipeline.

Further in the distance is Juanita Coulson's Quest, which will reissue new recordings of settings of Martha Keller's poetry to music. sexybass is helping us out (a lot) with that project in his copious spare time. :)

Yet a bit further out is my album, Crosstime Bus. Scratch tracks have been recorded; we're just trying to get things started on the project now.

Also on my queue (but dependent on my getting some time back in the studio after finishing up the highest priority items above) is another album of my material, Too Many Years, which will consist of material written after the time that The Grim Roper was originally recorded and before the material that's on Seven Miles a Second. There are too many songs that I really like (the title track and Promises among them) for me to not get that project done. One reason for pushing it up now is that I think it won't require a lot of complex arranging.

Somewhere yet further out in the mists is Erica Neely's (catalana) new album, tentatively titled Half Past Eternity. Some of the scratch tracks have been recorded for that album, but this whole engagement and getting married thing -- in addition to an actual job that requires work -- has slowed things down a bit. :)

And that's the state of affairs on this end of the world.