September 22nd, 2010

Change of Plans

Originally, we'd planned for daisy_knotwise to get out and have some free time tonight. This plan did not survive contact with the enemy.

I came downstairs between 6:30 and 7 PM to find that Katie and Julie had fallen asleep, Julie in my chair, Katie in the nest. Apparently, the batteries had run out.

I moved Julie to another chair. Gretchen was making Mexican casserole, so we figured that after dinner, she could head out. It was a good theory, except that at the very moment that dinner came out of the oven, Julie woke up enough to realize that she'd been moved, grabbed her buni, and went over to fall back asleep on top of Gretchen.

So I ate first, then brought Gretchen dinner, picking up Julie to go back to sleep on my lap. And we watched the new episode of Man v. Food which is always fun.

I'd promised the (sleeping) girls brownies tonight, so I asked Gretchen if she could mix them up before she went out as long as Julie was asleep on top of me. Then I figured I'd watch something off the DVR while Gretchen was out.

And as the brownies went into the oven, the phone rang. It was jeff_duntemann calling to check in.

After that, Gretchen and I figured that maybe we should reschedule her night out for another night. So we watched Julie and Julia (which Gretchen had seen in the theater, but I hadn't), fed the girls Mexican casserole when they woke up and brownies when they cooled, and generally had a relaxed evening.

Tomorrow, I am taking Katie and Julie to McDonald's for dinner and sending Gretchen out to Red Lobster for the Endless Shrimp special. This works out, because Gretchen really likes shrimp, and shrimp would really poison me.

At least, that's the plan.