September 25th, 2010

On the Fritz

I've been working in the studio this afternoon, putting together the new CD master for Urban Tapestry's Myths and Urban Legends. When I went to burn the PQ list for duplication, I discovered that I didn't have a template for WaveLab to use. So I went browsing looking for one and didn't find it.

I did, however, find out that there's a new version of WaveLab available for download. And since it has bunches of new tools embedded in it, I figured I should go ahead and grab it. I got to the page with the receipt for the purchase and decided to print it out so I had it in case I needed it.

And I discovered that I'd never installed the networked printer onto this computer after I rebuilt it. Ok, let's see if I remember the IP address. Hmm. Nope.

So I went upstairs and got the IP address.

And when I got back downstairs, I discovered that the second monitor attached to the studio computer (a repurposed one from the home office setup that had been replaced by a widescreen) had died. It puts on the most amazing display of lights and colors and refuses to display its own setup menu. That looks like a big hint that it's really dead.

It turns out the IP address wasn't enough to get the printer installed, so I've downloaded the HP driver set and am installing that now.

And in a few minutes, I'll go back over to Sam's Club and snag another monitor.


Update: And then I turned the monitor on and off again for the third or fourth time and it decided to start working. It's a mystery.

Ok, actually it's intermittent. I still think it will shortly be an ex-monitor.