October 7th, 2010

Birthday Pie

Now the first thing that you should understand is that Katie has been asking for pumpkin pie for about a week, ever since we started talking about going to the pumpkin patch. So I asked daisy_knotwise to please make pumpkin pie tonight from one of the two cans of pumpkin that I grabbed before the great pumpkin shortage of 2009. (It's ok. Canned pumpkin keeps. :) )

Katie was delighted. And wanted to help. For certain low values of "help". Despite this, the pie made it into the oven, was baked, and was eventually removed from the oven to cool.

While this was going on, Gretchen and I went to watch Jeopardy! which we'd recorded earlier in the day. During the pie-making process, birthday candles had fallen out of the cupboard of stuff and -- despite the fact that it's not really close to Katie's birthday -- Katie wanted to put them in the pie when it was done.

And Gretchen told her this would be ok.

She did not realize that Katie would put them in the pie before it cooled.

It turns out that pumpkin pie filling just removed from the oven is comfortably above the melting point of cheap birthday candles. The candles melted and sort of vanished into the pie.

I pulled out the wicks, then Gretchen managed to remove the embedded wax using a big straw from a sippy cup and some careful pressure control.

The pie looked like it had the pox.

But it tasted good!