October 11th, 2010

And Back To Work We Go...

So it was back to work today. I have a number of things that I should be working on, some of which I'm trying to get approved.

The result was that I ended up working on something else altogether that looks very promising.

Of course, it's not approved either.


Bedtime Boot Camp

Uncle jeff_duntemann and Aunt Carol will be staying with Katie and Julie while daisy_knotwise and I head off to OVFF next week. Of course, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carol go to bed much earlier than Gretchen and I do. Much earlier, in fact, than Katie and Julie do. This could lead to a Bad ThingTM.

Accordingly, we have begun Bedtime Boot Camp as of today. Both girls are now in their room, hypothetically in their beds, with the lights out. We have already heard the mournful strains of the harmonica from one of the prisoners -- we presume Katie -- as it is Much Too Early To Be In Bed.

We disagree. :)