October 27th, 2010

Cable Car To The Sky

I wrote this for the OVFF songwriting contest this year. I have no idea what the actual results were, save that catsittingstill won. This is one of the hazards of being a filthy huckster -- you miss these announcements. :)

But I had fun with the song in any case. I hope you will too. The topic for this year was "It's Not Rocket Science" and I was amused to see that mrgoodwraith had taken a similar tack to the one that I used, although with a different non-rocket space technology.
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I have just booked airplane tickets for a trip to GAFilk. It's a trip that, unfortunately, doesn't include daisy_knotwise who is being good to me by letting me head out while she stays home with Katie and Julie, but it should be fun in any case.

Now, if I can find someone who is driving down from Chicago to Atlanta and who might be willing to carry my guitar, I can save a good bit on checked luggage fees. :) I'm flying AirTran, because it was a good $100 cheaper than American before the luggage fees started piling up...