November 10th, 2010

Congressional Seniority

I'm sure that many people have made this observation, but it struck me this morning that the biggest problem with the Congressional seniority system as used to determine committee assignments and chairmanships is that the most extreme members of each party end up controlling the show. In order to accumulate seniority, you need to be around for a while and the best way to be around for a while is to be from a "safe" district (or state, in the case of the Senate). And those are the seats that tend to have the most partisan representatives.

Not a good thing, I'd think, if you're anywhere near the center of the political spectrum.

Counting Down to Windycon

We picked up the Capricon speakers for the big concerts tonight after dinner. I've sent out what I hope is the final draft of the script for Opening Ceremonies. The inventory list is updated with the new titles that we picked up from Juanita and is printing as I type.

I still need to finish the script for Closing Ceremonies, pack the inventory boxes, and restring the guitars.

But I'm getting closer to ready to go. :)