November 15th, 2010

Quick Windycon Report

Wow! There was music everywhere that you turned. There was a lot of other fine programming too; I just found myself at the music events on a pretty constant basis.

This would have been completely impossible without the good (excellent!) efforts of dave_ifversen and his tech crew, who were busily working their butts off all weekend. And gundo put together one heck of a filk track. Some of this was through a lot of active recruitment -- other parts of it were discovering that it was raining soup and understanding that it was time to grab the bucket. (When Heather and Ben and Mary decide to come to your con, you get them a concert. :) ) That's not meant to make light of his work in any sense -- I just love it when a plan comes together.

Vlad did an excellent job as chair by recruiting a bunch of good people and making sure they had the resources to try new things. For example, we had dances on both Friday and Saturday night this year that seemed to be successful based on what I saw and the reports I've heard so far. Gretchen, Bonnie, Sam, and Steve did a bang up job of getting the decorations together for Saturday's dance and Greg reports that the balloons and glow sticks were very popular.

And the music was really fine. If I didn't have other responsibilities, I could have just camped out there all weekend. I was happy to get to run the sound for Sooj and Betsy on Friday and for Tricky Pixie on Saturday, with Dave as my house spotter on Friday and Debbie on Saturday. I returned the favor during the Tomboat concert when I had to be in and out of the room to help with Katie and Julie.

The masquerade went really well as Wendy handled things nicely for the second year in a row. And Tom kept everyone entertained while we waited for the judges to come back with the awards.

Everyone on the concom was good about pitching in and making sure that things worked, which is the way that things ought to be.

Of course, I couldn't have managed any of this without Gretchen picking up the slack so that I had the time to work the con. Thanks, Gretchen!