November 29th, 2010

Da Chambanacon Report

So the top of the news was: nice new hotel back in Urbana. It looks like they'll be able to keep it. :)

The banquet was light years better than last year's.

The filk was quite nice, Saturday's including Bill, Brenda, Wulf, Juanita, Phil, Bill Rintz, Art, and Naomi.

The con suite was its usual wonderful self. They did run out of diet soda in the middle of Saturday afternoon, but that was corrected shortly. :) There was a lot of gaming going on in the good size con suite.

I didn't get around to investigating the pool, but there was one. And a hot tub.

And I had a good time.

Next year, Bill and Brenda take over as con chairs and are busily putting together a slate of guests. It's not finished yet, but I know that Tom Smith is on the list.

So y'all should come on down. :)

The New Toy

The new toy which I mentioned previously was pulled out on Friday night at Chambanacon to great amusement.

It's a TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch. It's a vocal processor, harmony generator, and looping device that a guitarist can attach to his mic stand and use when performing live. We had fun playing around with the presets and giving folks a turn at the mic.

Unfortunately, the only way I could get it into the house sound with the cords I had available was to take a line out into the hotel system's mic in, so the signal was really too hot and tended to overload the PA.

But it's a really cute toy. And I've found the preset that sounds like CSN. :)