December 4th, 2010


The first snow (not counting flurries) of the season arrived overnight. It's heavy and wet, at least on the front side of the house where I've now fired up the snowblower and cleared the driveway and sidewalk.

Katie and Julie are agitating to go out and play in the snow. This will be daisy_knotwise's operation as I'm going to go clean up after driveway clearing. :)

Tonight's Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Katie who had a little sister named Julie and a Mommy and a Daddy who loved them both very much. One night, Katie wanted to watch The Upside Down Show, so Daddy turned it on in the bedroom and left his two little girls to watch it while he went to work on the computer in the office. Before long, Daddy heard noise coming from the bedroom. So Daddy got up and went in the bedroom to found Katie and Julie jumping on the bed, which was something that Mommy and Daddy had frequently told them not to do.

"Katie, Julie, stop jumping on the bed!" said Daddy. And Katie and Julie stopped jumping on the bed and Daddy went back to the office.

But not three minutes later, Mommy came upstairs and walked into the bedroom and saw Katie standing on the headboard ready to jump onto the bed.

"That is enough!" Mommy said. "Katie, Julie, you know better than that! Daddy just told you not to jump on the bed. You are going to bed now! And Katie, you are not going to get a story tonight."

And Katie was very unhappy and cried and wailed as Mommy got her dressed for bed and made the bed and told Katie to get into bed. And Mommy took Julie off to the other room to get her to go to sleep.

But Katie continued to wail in her room. "I want a story!" she shouted. "I can't go to sleep without a story!"

And so Daddy walked into Katie and Julie's bedroom and he asked Katie, "Do you really want a story?"

And Katie said "Yes!"

So Daddy told her the story that you see above. "And that was the end of the story," he finished.

"But, Daddy," Katie complained, "that was a bad story. Katie doesn't want a bad story."

"Daddy doesn't want a bad story either. But Katie did a bad thing tonight, something that she knows is bad that Daddy had just told her not to do. And Katie could break the bed or fall off the bed and have to go to the hospital and get stitches, which Katie has done before and doesn't like very much.

So that is Katie's story for tonight and Daddy is sorry about that. But if Katie is better behaved tomorrow night, then she can have a good story."

And that was the end of the story.