December 7th, 2010

Really Good News

So I went back to the optometrist today to pick up our new contacts. I parked in the garage where Katie had most likely lost her backpack containing Badi, the blanket that she'd had since she was a little baby. And since I grabbed one of the two hour parking spaces, it was easy to walk up the ramp to the garage office. I asked the lady there if anyone had turned in a child's purple backpack. She said no one had, but that I should check with Security across the hall, because people leave things there.

So I walked in and asked them if anyone had seen a child's purple backpack -- and I looked over to the closet on the right -- and added, "Like the one sitting there."

They told me to take a look and see if it was mine. I picked it up and immediately saw the patches of glue where daisy_knotwise had glued eyes to the backpack when Katie had dressed as Dora for Halloween. And I opened the backpack and pulled out Badi.

"And this is my little girl's blanket."

"Go ahead and take it. You don't have to prove it's yours -- no one's going to lie to get something like that."

And so I took the backpack on to our optometrist who had also kindly been hunting up and down the street for it. She was quite happy to see it too.

But not as happy as Katie was when she got home from shopping a bit after I did.

Charged Up

The report from the Meineke (which is a shop that I trust) is that the battery has a dead cell which is what's causing the current problems. (No pun intended.) They say that this problem is endemic in these cars, because these batteries are underpowered for the car and eventually give up under the strain.

A new battery with more capacity is being installed as I type and I should be able to pick it up before lunch.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I heard beeping that sounded like a malfunctioning smoke alarm. (It wasn't, but more on that later.) I asked daisy_knotwise to grab a 9V battery so I could replace the likely offender, but when I couldn't figure out which smoke alarm was complaining, I ended up dropping the battery in my shirt pocket and forgetting about it.

Until about ten minutes later, when I noticed that something was really hot in my shirt pocket. What the?!

I grabbed the very, very hot battery out of my pocket. I carry my wedding ring there and it had shorted across the battery terminals. The ring was nice and toasty warm too.

Apparently, gold is a pretty good conductor...