December 12th, 2010


The snow outside is moving sideways across my field of view, because the wind is fierce. daisy_knotwise has gone out to do a little shopping in this mess -- at least the snow isn't currently too heavy.

The wind is whipping a piece of the aluminum facing over a board on the side of the house back and forth. There's nothing to be done about it until the wind stops -- the facing may or may not still be attached by that time. It's loose because it started out loose. The nail that held it came out of the now thoroughly soaked and rotted corner of the board, so that'll need to be replaced. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I managed to do something to my left ankle late last night. The poor ankle has taken a fair amount of soft tissue damage over the years and what it feels like is that I popped a very old adhesion from some old injury on the front side of the ankle. The ankle bears weight with no problem -- it's just that when I flex it in certain directions it says, "Don't do that!"

So I won't. As long as I remember. :)