December 29th, 2010

Ready to Spit

So it's my vacation. But this stupid bug I was asked to look at for work is still open and it's been bugging me (no pun intended), so I've kept looking at it this afternoon. And I finally figured out that there were two different problems interacting to make things fail completely. The first problem would be easy to fix -- the second one was more complex involving some not-so-good assumptions in another programmer's code relating to security when running under IIS. (As in, he assumed that he would have full access to the registry keys, which is a poor assumption under IIS.)

So I figured out the solution, sent out an e-mail about the two problems (copying the programmer who had made the bad security assumptions), and go to make the change to fix the first problem -- so that QE can work! -- when I discover that the file I need to modify has already been changed by the aforementioned programmer a bit earlier this afternoon.

I look over the change. The second problem still isn't fixed. And I find he's sent one of his usual "please don't touch the code" e-mails to everyone that I'd been talking to in response to mine.

So I respond that the second problem still doesn't appear to be fixed.

And I have turned off the fricking work computer for the duration.

I am disgusted.